Frequently Asked Questions About Your Prescriptions

How long does it take to get my script filled at your pharmacy?

Most scripts can be filled immediately. The average fill time for a prescription is just a few minutes. If you have already filled prescriptions here, often the script is filled as soon as it is received from the doctor's office and is ready and waiting for you when you walk in the door.

Why is my prescription no longer any good if it shows I still have refills left?

1) All prescriptions expire. One year after the date the prescription is written the prescription is no longer valid.

2) Also, depending on your insurance coverage there may be a fill by date associated with the prescription. For example, if you have Medicaid or Medicare you must get your first fill within 60 days of the precription being written. If you do not get that original fill within 60 days, the prescription and any refills on it are void.

3) Finally, if you are on Medicaid or Medicare, they limit the number of refills on a script to 5. This means that you get a maximum of 6 fills per script (the original fill plus five refills).

What if my priscription is for something out of the ordinary? Can I still get it there?

As long as your insurance will allow us to fill it, yes. We carry most regularly used medications in stock and can have almost any prescription drug item by the next buisness day.

What hours are you open?

Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm

Do you Deliver?

Yes, We deliver free of charge to the surrounding local area. All delivery requests must be made by 2:00pm or they will not be delivered until the following business day. No deliveries will be scheduled for weekends or holidays.

How do I transfer a prescription to u&i Pharmacy?

In most cases you may simply tell one of our pharmacists where your current prescription is and we will call and have it transferred. If for some reason this is not possible, you may ask your prescriber to escribe a new prescription directly to us.

What should I do with old prescription drugs that I no longer take?

U&I Pharmacy is part of the drug take back program and you may simply bring your old medications into the pharmacy and deposit them in the repository in our store. The State collects and incinerates them to ensure that the drugs do not get into the water or ecosystem