Return Your Unused Medications

Medication disposal has become a larger and larger concern over the years. Sewage treatment and waste management facilities have not been designed to break down and treat the various chemicals found in our medications, therefore these chemicals are eventually released into the streams and watersheds in your area. This can sicken both people and wild-life, or worse, cause death. As these chemicals are absorbed by plant life, they also get into the very foods we eat.

U&I Pharmacy has been selected as one of the pilot sites offering a medication return box where the public can drop unused medications for proper disposal. The box itself is secured, bolted to both the wall and the floor and locked to ensure that only proper authorities can remove the unused medications and have them incinerated.

  • Unused medications include medications that are expired or no longer needed; due to someones death, change in medications, change in condition, etc.
  • They may be over the counter or prescription.
  • They should be in their original containers whenever possible.
  • No sharps (needles, syringes, or biohazard materials)

For returning unused medications you may also enter to win a $50 gift card. If you have any questions regarding the medication return program please feel free to contact us at 829-3605 or email