Same day delivery available if the request is received by 2:00 PM. (Not available on weekends or holidays.)

Free delivery applies to both, new and refill prescriptions.

**Free delivery only applies to the following areas: Vernon, Verona, Morrisville, Oneida, Oneida Castle, Munnsville, Vernon Center, Stockbridge, Durhamville, Sherrill and Valley Hills. If you do not see your location listed above, feel free to call us and ask if we can deliver to you.

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We accept cash, checks and credit cards.


Free Indication and Interaction Monitoring

The Pharmacist reveiws all medications that we know you take, with every new prescription, to ensure that there are no drug interactions, as or any contra-indications the new drug may have. Your safety is our top concern.


Special Orders

If there is a particular item that you need and we do not carry it already, we can probably special order it and will even begin carrying that item, if it is something you will be using regularly.


DMV Eye Tests

Want to renew your driver's license on line to avoid the waiting at the DMV just to take an eye test? We are eye test providers for the DMV. You take the eye test here and we submit the results to the DMV. By the time you leave the results are already reported and you can renew your license on line with no hassle.


Free Refill Assistence

The Pharmacist will contact your prescriber and try to obtain refills for prescriptions that are expired.


Free Prescription Counseling

Upon request, a Pharmacist will also speak with you one-on-one, reviewing all new drugs prescribed and current medications your on, discussing known drug interactions, side effects, dietary restrictions, etc. that may be caused by the drugs or combination of suppliments and medications and other drugs you take. Concerns regarding compliance to the dose and schedule of medications may also be addressed.


Automatic Refill Processing

Upon request (and only upon request) we will Automatically process your prescription refills so that they are ready for pick upand/or your delivery request.