Over The Counter

While we are not a convenience store, we do offer a wide variety of over the counter, health products, ranging from Vitamins and Antihistamines to Ace Bandages, Gauze, Anti-septic Wipes, Thermometers, and much more. Feel free to call ahead if you have any questions regarding our inventory.

We can also special order many other healthcare related items you may want. We discretely offer absorbent pads & briefs, testing kits and much more upon request.


  • At u&i Pharmacy we try to make refilling your prescriptions as easy as possible. Simply call our pharmacy line day or night at 829-3605.

  • If you call during the day, while we are open, a pharmacist will answer (assuming they are not talking to another customer or doctor's office). If the Pharmacist is busy or the pharmacy is closed when you call, you may leave your refill request and/or questions on the automated service.

  • From there, the refill request is automatically entered into our computer system for the Pharmacist to see and fill as soon as possible. Please remember, when you call you will need; the Patient's full Name, Date of Birth, & Refill Number.

  • If there are any problems with your request, the Pharmacist will contact you assoon as possible.

  • If you would like your prescription delivered, simply let us know when placing your request.

Open: Mon - Fri 9am-6pm
Phone: 315 829-3605