Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?

Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm

Do you Deliver?

Yes, We deliver free of charge to the local area. All delivery requests must be made by 2:30pm or they will not be delivered until the following business day. No deliveries will be scheduled for weekends or holidays.

How do I transfer a prescription to u&i Pharmacy?

In most cases you can simply tell one of our pharmacists where your current prescription in and we can call and have it transferred. If for some reason this is not possible, your prescriber can simply escribe a new prescription directly to us.

What should I do with old prescription drugs that I no longer take?

U&I Pharmacy is part of the drug take back program and you may simply bring your old medications into the pharmacy and deposit them in the repository in our store. The State collects and incinerates them to ensure that the drugs do not get into the water or ecosystem

What should I do with used needles and sharps?

Sharps should always be disposed of properly. U&I Pharmacy does sell sharps containers if your sharps usage warrents having one. These containers may be dropped off at your local hospital or you can contact whoever collects your garbage and let them know you have a sharps that needs to be collected.
Hospitals should taked sharps containers free of charge. If your usage of sharps is small enough, you may also break the needle and dispose of in your trash by first putting it in a strong container such as a coffee can.

Do you carry a specific item?

Even if we do not carry a particular item you want, chances are we can special order it or start carrying it if it is something you will be using regularly.